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Make Your Environment Productive With Best Quality Glass Partition Wall Configurations

Do you want to create a clean and modern look for your space? Our glass partitions are the ideal solution for you. These walls are an environmentally friendly addition to any space that helps allow light to pass in while maintaining the aesthetics. At, glass partitions are manufactured to meet clients’ needs such as acoustics, fire-rated, and privacy requirements. If you are getting confused in deciding the best glass for your partition, then don’t worry. We’ve got you covered with some of our excellent collection of glass wall configurations. Let’s continue reading:

Top Glass Partition Wall Configurations

  1. Low Iron Clear Tinted Tempered Glass

This is the most popular option in our catalog nowadays. This is because this glass has a very strong strength and does not harm anyone when broken. Tempered glass is cost-effective and easy to install.

  1. Digital Printing Glass

This digitally printed glass enhances your aesthetics and sense of art super fantastically. Different types of digitally printed patterns are available on our website to choose from. Each type offers great acid resistance and anti-scratches features.

  1. Ceramic Frit Glass

Also known as silk screen printing glass, ceramic frit glass is one of our topmost glass collections that offer a good decoration effect. As compared to digitally printed glass, this is affordable.

  1. Laminated Safety Glass

This glass offers great soundproofing and safety features. If broken, the piece will not harm anyone and stick together in the PVB interlayer. We offer this glass in multiple color designs.

  1. Insulated Glass

Insulated glass is another soundproofing glass we use to fit partition walls. Energy-saving and privacy are two of the major features of insulated glass walls.

  1. Curved Glass

If you are looking for some special interior design, curved glass is the way to go! The specialty of this glass is that it can be curved into any shape.

  1. PDLC glass

Also known as switchable or smart glass, PDLC glass is another great idea to opt for. It is a magic glass that can transform from opaque to transparent, depending upon your privacy levels. In our catalog, PDLC glass comes out as a winner!

Why You Should Opt For Our Services?

Being a leading integrated glass manufacturer, we have the expertise in creating beautiful and long-lasting glass partitions across UAE. Whether it’s replacing your existing glass partitions with a new one or installing a new wall, every job is carried out under the supervision of experienced craftsmanship.

Different types of glass are available on our website to your exact specifications. With our laminated toughened safety glass or toughened safety glass, you can enjoy the aesthetics of your glass office partition without worrying about safety implications.

We manufacture glass partitions with top-quality materials that help enhance the aesthetic style and optimum functionality at the same time.

Are you looking for the best glass partition solutions for your space? can help! Get in touch with us as soon as possible!

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