Fascinating Queen Size Beds

What type of queen size beds can you buy?

Queen-size beds are perfect for couples and for a room that is not so big. You can style your bedroom by placing such types of beds. There is a wide range of frame designs and bed shapes that you can keep in your room. If you are going to style your room and want to buy a new queen bed for your room then you can buy from the following types of bed designs and styles.

Murphy bed:

It is the folding type of bed that was created with the name of William Murphy. It is a wonderful option for those having a space shortage. You can store them vertically against the wall or your closet. Moreover, you can get the Murphy beds with the shelves, nightstands, and storage units.


The poster type bed is a good way to adorn your space. You can give a traditional touch to your room. The type of queen size bed is built with four vertical columns one in each corner. These pillars are of various shapes like square, rounded, pointed, and straight pillars with some specific shape on the edge. Moreover, you can customize the shape of a swell as the size of the pillar.

Pencil Poster:

This is the unique style that first became common in 1700 and was first used by the emperors in England. These have four posters or posts with the point at top of each one. These are the single posters or some beds come with an attached frame. They give the appearance of the canopy.

Low Poster:

If you are not in the mood to buy the bed with tall posters then you can pick the low poster type. These are the four posts attached on each corner of the bed frame but unlike long posts, these are only a few inches in height. You can style your bed with different tops on these posts. You can choose to form the square, round, or pointed.


To give your bedroom an exotic look then canopy-type beds are a perfect match. These are the ideal solution for large rooms. These beds are just like the poster beds but the difference is present that all posts are connected from the canopy. Moreover, you get two options of canopy that is drape type or leave it open.

Contemporary Canopy:

These are the queen size beds that are best for those who want to decorate their space as well. These have thin frames and fit well with your room decoration. The beds are designed with metal or wood material and you can pick whatever suits your style.

Why choose us?

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